Landlord/Tenant Law (Evictions)

In a Landlord/Tenant transaction, the two parties are the Landlord (also known as the “Lessor”) and the Tenant (or “Lessee”) of a commercial or residential property. Each party enters into the lease (may be a written or verbal agreement) and agrees to perform under specific terms of the agreement, which includes describing the responsibilities and duties of both the landlord and tenant.  Conflicts arise when either party breaches the lease due to little or no understanding of their responsibilities as a landlord or tenant. Before signing a contract or lease, it is highly recommended that both landlords and tenants consult an experienced attorney with knowledge of the real estate industry, to explain not only the clauses and restrictions of your agreement, but also to discuss your rights and responsibilities if a legal matter should arise. If a disagreement has already risen, contact a Landlord/Tenant Attorney immediately, to ensure you carefully proceed in accordance with the landlord/tenant laws. McDonald Senat Law, PLLC is a full service law firm that is experienced in handling both residential and commercial landlord/tenant disputes. If you have a matter involving a residential or commercial landlord/tenant dispute, contact our office to schedule a consultation to discuss your legal rights